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TC boost levels

I have a question for all you 87-88 TC owners with an automatic transmission.
I was wondering if the boost levels are different than a 5-speed car (I am
trying to figure where the 40 horsepower difference comes from).  On my car
(87 5-speed) when the fuel switch is in premium you get 8 lbs. until 4150 RPM,
then it goes to 16 lbs.  This is in all gears except second where you can get
16 lbs sooner under certain circumstances.  If the fuel switch is in regular
unleaded, you only ever get 8 lbs.

Is there any difference in an automatic car?  Is this the same way the SVO
boost levels run, or do you get more boost sooner?  Has anyone tried using an
SVO computer in a TC?

Just curious.  Thanks

Mark Ward