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Re: SVO: Another Whell question..

In a message dated 97-12-19 19:17:10 EST, tschaefe@usr.com writes:

<< Extreme wrote:
 >>So let me quess with a 17x8 you could go with a 245/45/17. Right? 
 going down a lower profile tire will give me the same outter tire 
 Not quite.  If you do the math, where Height=((225x0.50x2)/25.4)+16 you 
 225/50/16 = 24.86"
 245/45/17 = 25.68"
Ken Schultz had a set of the 17X8 95 GT wheels on his 86 SVO with a 245/45 17"
tire, they fit but the front tires rubbed the front bumper cover when you
turned the wheel. I was talking with Lee Clary about this and he said you
needed to go to a 235/40 or 245/40 17 in order to have the clearance on the

Paul (CCA Pres.)