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Re:Refinish article--was: Brake Pads -- was Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

In a message dated 97-12-19 20:06:23 EST, jdvorak@deltanet.com writes:

 But by the way, they will soon be doing an article on a aluminum wheel
 refinishing kit -- strips the clearcoat -- and you don't have to remove the
 tires, etc. 
 Keep you eye out for it in an upcoming edition -- it's a couple months away
I have a chemical that is designed for stripping the clear coat off of
aluminum wheels and you can do it with the tires still on the car. I think its
made by Busch or something like that(its out in the garage) the stuff works
great and it was around $15 for the bottle(which will do a few sets of
wheels). If anyone is interested, Email me and I will get you the info off the
If they are talking about doing an article on refinishing wheels without
taking off the tire, they can remove the clear coat but the only proper way to
re-clear a wheel is to remove the tire. If you repaint the wheel without
taking off the tire, you will probably end up with it peeling off shortly
thereafter as you cannot properly prep the area close to the tire on the lip
and run the risk of the clear bridging(sp?) onto the tire. No matter what they
may claim, removing the tire is the ONLY proper way to do it and why would you
want to do it more than once.