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Re: SVO: For sale!!!

In a message dated 97-12-20 03:01:04 EST, shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu writes:

 Rare? Rare? You wanna talk about rare?  I see more SVOs and GT turbos on
 the road than I ever see 71-73 Pintos:)  I may have seen one Pinto of that
 era in the past 2 years.  Must be something about the media hyped
 explosion thing:)
 And to top it off, I have to compete for parts with circle track guys that
 just want ot take the cars out and pound the crap out of them.  Ive been
 lookin of r apassenger fender and door for the past year and a half......
 Jus a diffrent perspective:)
The SVO's and GT Turbo's are rarer than the 71-3 Pinto's. Its just that the
Pintos have either exploded,been crushed, or pushed into the nearest river :P.

Sorry, couldn't resist, no offense intended just to good an opening to pass

Paul (CCA Pres.)