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SVO=2, Rice Boy=0

Had the SVO out last nite and was challenged twice by big headed Rice Boys.
The first was an Eclipse and was on a 65 mph stretch of road. I would let him
get next to me a slingshot away(the boost was with me) This went on for about
5 miles before he finally gave up(guess that Coffee can exhaust tip didnt do
much for him--BOOYYYEEE!) The second Soy Sauce Machine decided he was gonna
out run me from a stop at a lite to get in front of me before the lanes
merged....Think again Rice Boy. The sound of the tires spinning through First
and second gear on my SVO surprised his Girlfriend in the passenger seat as I
shot past him. I dont think he was too happy either, again the coffee can
performance system failed as did the go fast offset stripe  painted over the
top of the car.( again I say BOOYYYEEE!) I guess he had better get the higher
octane La-Choy soy sauce additive and try again.

Paul (CCA Pres.)
Disclaimer: I did not start either one of these bouts, Just finished them and
put the obnoxious Rice Boys in their place ;-)
Long live the Forced 4 Fords!