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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Gary Morrell wrote:> 
> The Cobra 13" rotors and PBR 2-piston calipers won't fit in 16" wheels. Most
> 17" wheels will clear this combination.

This is true..the calipers are 'tall'.

> Both these will fit 16" OEM wheels and most aftermarket 16" wheels. Kit prices
> start about $1600 and can be ordered for 4 or 5 lug hubs.
> Baer Racing is in Phoenix AZ at 602-233-1411.

The motorsport Cobra kit is a little cheaper new...and would be easier
to find 'used' than a Baer, Stillien, or Wilwood set up. If you can find
a complete set used, you might be able to get it for $800-900 or less.
And then, run some of the SN95 17" Stock Mustang wheels (which are 7"

I'm just use to having a Mustang Salvage shop in my area. Which makes
used parts easy for me to come by. So, I'm always looking for cross-over
parts (in case one day I decide to start upgrading one of mine).

86 2R
85 4E