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SVO: More parts

I am still attempting to clean my garage and found a few more items.
-Turn signal switch assembly-84 thru 86(didn't know I had this one, mine
broke-I bought two more(1 for spare) then found I had one already-DOH! so I
dont need 3 of em) $15
-Headlight switch 83 thru 86-$5
-Uniden Radar Detector(SuperHET RD 35) its an old one, no power cord and I
dont know if it works or not-I found it in a former 86 GT parts car- Free for
anyone who wants it, just pay the shipping.
-8.8 Rear (still in my 88 LX) 3.73 motorsport gears, auburn traction lock,Drum
brakes(your choice of 5 lug or 4 lug axles-no drums with 5lug) This rear has
6000 miles on it since I had it built, Every bearing and seal was replaced-I
have $1200 invested in this rear end-$550  -reason for selling is I built a
new 31 spline rear.
-GT-40 intake set for 5.0 used for 3 weeks-$400

The following items are repeats from previous posts:
-84 SVO rear cloth seats, fair condition, no tears-$25
-84 SVO glove box-$15
-outside side view mirrors $5 each
-8.8 Traction lock rear out of 88 T-bird(drum brakes) $150 (local only)
-79 coupe-there has to be SOMEBODY out there who wants this thing $75 or I'm
gonna hand the concrete saw(aka: The Equalizer)to the CCA SGT@arms and let him
have fun with it. Dont let the blood of this poor car be on your hands! Tell
your friends, Tell your neighbors Be the only guy on your block to have a cool
79 Coupe!

Paul (CCA Pres.)