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Tires Sizes -- was Re: SVO: Another Whell question..

Time for a Subject change -- that mispell was bugging the crap out of me.

Please remember guys that if you're running a tire and wheel combination
that is pushing it to the edge like some of you are doing/talking about --
that not all tires of the same size are the same size.

Tire sizes (section widths, tread widths, and diameters) will vary from one
model and/or brand to another. 


Somebody said...

"If you do the math, where Height=((225x0.50x2)/25.4)+16 you get: 225/50/16
= 24.86" "

But in fact the Goodyear Gatorback spec says 225/50ZR16 is 24.88"

And that same someone said "245/45/17 = 25.68" "

Goodyear Gatorback says 245/45ZR17 = 25.67"

Now those are very very minor differences, but the illustration here is
that you can't go by math exactly (I didn't double-check the math, mind you
-- but I did double check Goodyear's specs).

And what else complicates this? Even though the diameter and section width
of  the GSC and the Gatorback of the 225/50/16 tires are the same -- the
tread desings are markedly different -- and thus the tread width on the GSC
is 1/10" inch wider.  That 1/10" is enough to throw off the whole formula
of rub vs. not rub.

Same thing goes for different brands. Some, depending upon the design, will
vary just enough to mess you up.

So find out what tires a guy is running, and then put that into your
formula for the widest tires you can fit on your car.

One thing to note on the Goodyear site is that they tell you the width of
the rim on which they measured section width -- so you at least have a
reference point. And remember the rim width of the SVO wheel is still 7"
(measured from the inside of the wheel which you can only do with the tire

Not all tire companys have sites like Goodyear, but you can at least go to
a tire shop and look at their book.

Visit http://www.goodyear.com/nat/pclt_cat/performance.html to check out
what I've talked about.

Hope this helps.