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Re: TC boost levels

The reason I asked about the SVO computer is I understand (maybe I am wrong),
but I heard the SVO computer gave the engine 16 or 18 lbs of boost all the
time.  I just am tired of having to wait until a high rpm to get the higher
boost level.  Oh, yes I was talking about an 87-88 TC (87 actually <G>).  The
SVO from 85.5 was rated at 205 hp I think, and the 87 TC at 190, anyone know
the difference there?  How about the intake plenum between the two (which one
is better)?


Mark Ward

In a message dated 97-12-20 11:52:59 EST, you write:

<< As for putting an SVO processor in a Bird...you're talking 87-88, right?
 Why?  The 87-88 stuff is just as good or better, except for the
 rev-limiter (6200 vs. 6500)-- plus it's integrated with the ALB, ride
 control and transmission systems...if there was any swapping to be done,
 it would be the other way -- the '87 stuff is nicer...it has an ACT
 sensor that can actually tell if you have a good intercooler, plus
 upgraded software and processor.
 Gotta go...got a party to get ready for...:/
 Joe Morgan >>