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Re: Introductions

I'm using the the Lincoln Aluminum cast wheels 15x6.0, 5 bolt, 4.5 bolt
circle, 1.42 offset with winter snows (P215/65R15). There are other
stock wheels that will fit. Check out a book, such as the Ford 1985 Car
Specifications Book. These ones have a plastic center cap with the
Lincoln symbol.

I don't think it was a Morgan in Top Gun, but they were in the movies:
War Of The Roses & Speechless. They still use a wooden chassis for the
metal body, as well as the floors, dash, door frames, rear wheel wells,
etc. The Belgian ash flexes , so the car corners well, but the wood is
also strong. You need a drill to mount a screw! The car is also very
lightweight. Marcos is another that uses wood, as well as early MGs, and
of course American cars in the 20s, etc. Not so unusual...

Oh, for the exhaust studs, in the trade the type is known as a DIN 939 &
the type of nut: DIN 555.

Fred Kuzyk

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Fred Kuzyk wrote:
> > switch", fan switch, & Lincoln Mark VII wheels
> Mark VII wheels? which ones?
> > The wife & I also have a '67 Morgan 4/4 Competition Model, which we've
> > owned for over 8 years.
> Is that the kind of car the girl drove in Top Gun(the little black car)?
> Do they really have wood frame sections? Some one told me they did, which
> seemed kinda funny to me.
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