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Re: SVO: 8.8/7.5 rear end widths

> I thought the housing was wider on the TC than a mustang also. So its all
> in the shafts your sayin?
That's how I was able to put a Turbo Coupe rear in the SVO.  I used the
SVO's axles and brakes.

I have FOR SALE a TC 8.8 rear with 3.55s posi.  The quad brackets are
wrong, and need to be rewelded to use in a Mustang.  $200 local only.

I also have all the SVO axles, calipers, rotors, front and rear.  Not
cheap, but not a stabbing.  You guys with GT Turbos could have SVO brakes. 
Please buy this stuff from me so I won't have to buy a Mustang GT Turbo
convertible to install them on...

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