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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Dave Compton wrote:

> I almost rear ended somebody in my SVO while racing a motorcycle...
> They work good below 100, but above that, it's takes ALL they've got.  On
> *one* stop, both front pads were billowing smoke.  Surprisingly, neither
> wheel locked (skidded).  I could lock up the fronts on my 87 GT at those
> speeds.  arooh?

I too discovered that the first month I owned my SVO back in 87.  I
took a couple of friends out in it and did a hard stop from 100+, 
accelerated back up to speed, nailed the brakes again and dang near
didn't get stopped...smoke rolling out the front, etc., etc..
It's all in the pads, the stock ones are great for what they are,
but if you want to get ignorant, there are far better choices.
The stock ones are the best for sane street driving, though.

> Any other Ford (save the Cobra) would've NEVER stopped.

Well...you might need to qualify that statement a little...;-)

> Yes, I quit acting like that in public...

Me too.