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SVO: Winter time maintenance.

I read in a manual a few months ago, that with the onset of winter, its a
good idea to go to the local service station to get the summer air removed
from my tires, and have them refilled with winter air.  it also
recommendds rebalancing, due to the different density of winter air(i
figured it wouldnt make a difference).
I livein Florida, where its 30s some nites, and 70s some days.  So we are
kind ahalf in and half out of winter.   Will I suffer damage to my vehicle
if I have the winter air inserted, and the temps go back up to the 70's?
What are the risks of leaving the summer air in? I know the summer air is
not as dense, but I figured the lower density would give me less rolling

HELP!!!!!!  The local shop is convinced it will help, and says my car will
feel faster.   I asked him aobut track times, and all he could come up
with are seat of the pants results.

I dunno, I feel like if I pay the 99.99 for the service I will have a seat
of the pants feeling that i feel even when I am not driving the car.

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