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Re: SVO: 4.940

Julie O'Conner wrote:
> Bottom line it's because "4.940" doesn't look as cool on the fender as
> "5.0" does.
> Yeah....i know and 505" sounds cooler than 490"   The point of this joke
> was to remind everyone that manufacturers CONSTANTLY call
> things/describe things innacurately for the sake of marketing.  Others
> choose not to give their end users enough information to compete with
> them.

When you say "compete"...it implies that there is someone or something
to compete with...and you can't compete with hot air.  To my knowledge
(and apparently Dave's too), there isn't a single fast 2.3 running one
of them.  Besides, if I wanted to copy his cam, I would just buy one and
copy it.  I know of at least one guy with tweaked guides that would
probably sell it really cheap...we got an ETS roller for free that way.

I was just pointing out one of the most likely cause of his (recurring)
guide problem -- besides using the wrong guides -- that's when the "flat
earthers" started howling and getting out their torches.  I can't help
it if he's not man enough to admit his own shortcomings and has to hide
behind the skirtpleats of an utterly gullible listmeister.  Kinda like
when Becca on "Life Goes On" sticks up for Corky, her retarded brother.

BTW -- in case you didn't notice, Dave...I really resent the implication
that I might be blowing smoke or fudging the numbers in order to scare
away your buddy's business...you know how much I'm interested in selling
parts...that's because you've been begging me to get into it since I met
you and I keep saying no.  Remember?  You're the one with the plans for
world domination...not me.  I just want to race (!?!?), have fun and
help my friends to make their cars faster...not "cash in" on them.

Frankly, I'm not interested in selling s**t -- I offered the headpipes
as an object lesson -- only to help establish that you could make the
damn things for little or nothing -- but as has been pointed out by
another list member...subtlety is lost on this list.

Better go get the torch back out.

Joe morgan