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Re: SVO: 4.940

Here I go...

I called Nick and discussed this "cam debate" with him.  In just a few
minutes, I understood how Nick gets this much lift in the car, even though
it's been said that it can't be done.  Well, it's not rocket science.

> I can't help
> it if he's not man enough to admit his own shortcomings and has to hide
> behind the skirtpleats of an utterly gullible listmeister

um, this is a personal foul.  If you can participate in the list discussion
without this kind of behavior, then you're welcome to stay, and share your
knowledge.  If not, you are welcome to leave.  My only rule was "be nice",
and you guys just can't get it.

> BTW -- in case you didn't notice, Dave...I really resent the implication

It wasn't an implication, it was an example of "dirty pool", which I (and
other listmembers) don't need or want.

> You're the one with the plans for world domination...not me.


So far this cam debate has just consisted of; Joe posting a number, and
leaping to the conclusion that the cam couldn't happen the way Nick says it
does.  I think it's gonna be pretty obvious when I install it, whether or
not there's room on the valve stem for the increased lift.  I'll even

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