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SVO: Re: Winter time maintenance.

> From: Scott Shidel... <shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu>
> To: SVO@smartworx.com; Non-Guru SVO List <turbo@music1.moorhead.msus.edu>
> Subject: Winter time maintenance.
> Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997 2:23 AM
> I read in a manual a few months ago, that with the onset of winter, its a
> good idea to go to the local service station to get the summer air
> from my tires, and have them refilled with winter air.  it also
> recommendds rebalancing, due to the different density of winter air(i
> figured it wouldnt make a difference).
> I livein Florida, where its 30s some nites, and 70s some days.  So we are
> kind ahalf in and half out of winter.   Will I suffer damage to my
> if I have the winter air inserted, and the temps go back up to the 70's?
> What are the risks of leaving the summer air in? I know the summer air is
> not as dense, but I figured the lower density would give me less rolling
> resistance.  
> HELP!!!!!!  The local shop is convinced it will help, and says my car
> feel faster.   I asked him aobut track times, and all he could come up
> with are seat of the pants results.
> I dunno, I feel like if I pay the 99.99 for the service I will have a
> of the pants feeling that i feel even when I am not driving the car.
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