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Re: SVO: 4.940

I do not understand a few things here. The same people who have alot to say,
have never used any of the product that they are bashing. The people who have
used them seem to like them. Back about three months ago the same people were
bashing the mass-air system we had been working on. They said it could not be
done, well it is done and it works great. After the dyno runs next week you
will be eating your words.
Now it is the .505 roller camshaft that can not be installed in a stock head
without removing it from the car. I say we have sold them to people and they
work fine. You say Crane and other camshaft people say it cannot be done. Why
do they need to make a camshaft with this much lift work in a stock motor.
They do not sell many turbo camshafts. If it does not have a turbo and it is a
street car you never will use this high of a camshaft. If you have a race car
you have done work to the head. Our motor it the only set-up that can benefit
from this much lift with the stock valves. Who sells much in the way of parts
for our 2.3 EFI turbo motors. ETS, Rapido, and us, three companies and a very
small market. All three are always getting bashed for the prices and other
things. We have a kit and it works and installs just like we say it does. Joe
you are wrong about the valve train, and instead of finding out where you
screwed up you keep hammering away at me. Do not say it cannot be done, just
say you cannot do it. This is what the problem is, you cannot do it. As for
cars running fast, this is not a true test of anything. You have a real lite
car and a motor that would never hold up in a 3100 car. You can not make the
power you are making with the 35 lbs injectors and not detonate under the laod
of a street car with street gears and street converter. 2600lbs, 4.46? gears,
4800 stall speed coverter is not and never will be a street everyday car. You
may drive it everyday but that is like California Dreaming. You always like to
talk about time slips and power. My car runs over 100 mph but I need to do
better with the times. I do not like to drag race my car that much, it is set
up for turns and not the drags. I will however make sure I do get very serious
this year about getting my car hooked up right. It is hard to run a shop, have
a family, have a life and find time for fun things like car stuff, but someday
when you get out into the real world you people will see this for yourself. As
for power, well it would seem that my motor has made more power the Joe's
motor. This is with only 17 lbs of boost, the turbo failed on the dyno. At the
24 lbs I was running I would have made more power at the rear wheel then Joe's
motor with NOS. Then we should look at the torque numbers, about 330 lbs ft of
torque. This is a street motor that will pass any tail pipe test. So what does
this mean, it means that untill you can do better maybe you should not bash
what other of done. 
Need numbers? Need dyno charts?   If someone has tried one thing and replaced
it with another. This is a test, he can compare the two. If one feels better
to him this does mean something. Do you to dyno your car after you do a tune
up to find out if it helped? Are we this dump that we cannot feel if it helps.
Why would it not work for a camshaft change? You do not need numbers, you will
never buy one anyway. All you would to do is knock down what someone else  has
done. Why, be cause it is better then what you have come up with. It is all BS
and you guys are tring  to sell snake oil not me. You are trying to scare
people for no reason at all. Hundreds of customers are very happy with our
products and only very few are not. But just like with anything have to do
with a motor, there are many reasons why things work or do not work. I know
why guides fail and I know what can be done or not be done. I build motors
everyday for the last 17 years. All kinds of motors in every kind of cars.
This bs had gone to far and for to long.
This is my deal,if my camshaft does not bolt in just like I say it does. I
will leave the list for good. But if it does bolt in just like I say it does,
you four will leave this list for good. Well, the cards are on the table and
just rised the ante. Any of you have any balls or just big mouths. Thanks