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Re: introductions

> From:          Cory Erickson <ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu>
> The 2.3 list is now 60 strong, and to help start out the chatter, I would
> like everyone to introduce themselves and maybe give a quick gameplan for
> your cars.
> I'll start out:
I'm Jeff from Arlington, Texas.  Several years ago I bought some 
practical transportation - 4 cylinder Mustang.  After the paint fell 
off (thanks a lot, Ford), I no longer felt like keeping it stock.  
Fast and ugly is better than ugly, right?  So far I've replaced all 
the drivetrain except the 7.5 differential and I need to do that as 
well so I can install a Torque Arm (I like corners).

My quest for HP has been stalled by front suspension woes - soon to 
be solved by installing an SVO k-member and whatnot.  Currently, I 
have a relatively stock '88 T'bird engine and Spearco intercooler 
(can you say no effin' ground clearance?).  The exhaust is a single 2 
1/4" until I move the brake line so a dual 2 1/2" can be installed.  
I also have a custom T-3/T-4 hybrid that I'll install when the new 
exhaust is installed.

After I stiffen the chassis, I may consider painting the thing!

     "I can resist anything but temptation"
                                  Mark Twain