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SVO: re: wheel size questions

>From: extremesvo@juno.com
>O.k. here it comes another wheel question..
>I would like to run 17x8's. Now i have a question about tires.  what
>tires will fit on this rim? the stock SVO wheel is 16x7" and has a
>225/50/16 tire on it.. So let me quess with a 17x8 you could go with a
>245/45/17. Right? going down a lower profile tire will give me the same
>outter tire circumfernce?
>and about rolling the lips with 17x8 this would probalby ruin the value
>of the car by doing this, so i was wondering this.. could i try various...

Last Saturday I put 17"x8" 94 Cobra rims on my 86 SVO.  The rims had 255/40
Dunlops, but they rubbed on the inside front fenders.  I went to American
Tire Store because of their competitive pricing and because they promise to
test mount tires for me.  We first tried Comp T/A 235/45 but these were
clearly too tall and would also rub on the front fenders.  I ended up
getting Yokohama 235/40 tires.  I test drove them Saturday night.  The new
tires got cut by the inside rear fenders every time I went over a large
bump. Sunday I rolled the rear fenders and haven't had any more problems.

Keep in mind that these Cobra rims do stick out a little further than the
Stock SVO rims.  If you get a rim with stock offset you can go to 245/40
and probably 245/45 widths.  If you'll pardon the pun... with proper offset
wheels, you get a 'wider' choice of tires...

By the way, rolling the inner fender is difficult work and took me almost 4
hours to do.  I'm pretty sure that it won't affect the value of the car,
because you can't see the difference unless your hear is inside the wheel
well looking out.  If anybody wants more details on rolling their fenders,
please e-mail me.


PS.  Sorry Charlie, I hate to make friends get RHSS (Reflexive Head Shaking
Syndrom), but I totally like my new set-up (even though I am usually an OEM
purist).  Unlike you though, I never liked the OEM rims.  In fact, all my
car-buff friends have remarked on how these new rims have really enhanced
the look of my car.  I think I can now put off that paint job for another 6
months...  :-)

PPS.  Yes, handling capabilities have gotten even better!