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Re: SVO: 4.940

You did not answer the question. Do you and the other big mouths have any
balls. If you and the others think you are so right then do you agree to leave
the list if the camshaft does what I say it will do.
You think you know so much about motors and the working of the valve train.
Why not agree with the terms of the deal. You have nothing to lose, you know
it cannot work. What is stoping you and MR extreem, Scott, Cory and James. I
would be willing to bet not one of them even checked a head out on their own.
They are just following you down the wrong path. All of you like to post half
of the truth, but in all cases never the full facts. You are just like the
checkout counter tabloids, you only print half the story just to make people
look bad. Joe is the editor and chief and the rest of you are his cronies.
Still waiting.