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Re: SVO: 4.940


> You did not answer the question. Do you and the other big mouths have any balls. 

This is a classic example of why your questions don't get answered...you
don't use punctuation marks, such as the "question mark" (?) or the
"exclamation point" (!).  In combination with the fact that you also
don't use the return key very often, your posts are fairly difficult to

If you ask me a question and I'll do my best to answer it.

Since the other "bigmouths" (read: "people who ask you tough questions")
are geographically distant from me (with the exception of Randy, who
didn't show me his last time he was here), I can only speak for myself.

Yes -- I do in fact have balls.

My turn -- How do you get .655" of travel out of the stock valve?

(Note the punctuation mark that identifies this as a question)

Joe Morgan