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Re: SVO: 4.940

In a message dated 97-12-21 14:50:11 EST, turbojoe@earthlink.net writes:

 I've learned that there are a certain number of list members (no matter
 the list) that don't like a vigorous discussion of issues, or overly
 technical issues...others want more tecnical information and less
 discussions on car wax...ironically, sometimes these are the same
 You can't please everybody, right?
There is a big difference between a vigorous discussion and an all out free
for all. Discussions are fine no matter what the topic and are usually held by
adults. Childish people bash people and call names. Are we all adults here or
are there some "Kids" in the crowd?
I am a college Graduate and can tell you the best education is Real world
experience. Just because you are in school for something does not make you an
expert. Does and engineering student KNOW EVERTHING?? by reading all the posts
related to this subject, it sure seems that way! 
I don't Know everything and dont claim to, I learn something new everyday.It
is one thing to question something in order to learn about it and is another
to attack someone in order to force an explanation.
I have benefitted greatly from this list and have learned a lot of things I
did not know but these attacks have gotten out of hand. Settle down and handle
this like adults and everything will get answered to everyones satisfaction.
The only thing the attacking has resulted in is a bunch of pissed of people!

Paul (CCA Pres.)