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Brake Pads -- was Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Earlier this week I commented rather non-descriptively on a new brake pad I
heard about.

I just got the February issue of Ford High Performance, and that's where
the brake pad article is -- not its sister publication, Mustang Illustrated
(Bob Wallace works on both magazines) that I said earlier.

Anyway, it's Praise Dyno Brake's "Stage 1 Street Performer" pads....and
there's an excellent article describing the right and wrong ways to surface
rotors, lubricants to use, break-in, etc.

Again, the pads are about $200. But they gave reduced the 60-0 stopping
distance by a good 18 feet from stock pads....and shorter than any stock
SVT Cobra they tested as well....and 1 foot shorter than Bob's 1990 LX 5.0
with SVT Cobra brakes. 

Cool thing about this setup -- no need for 17" wheels, or other mods.

Check it out...
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