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Re: TC boost levels

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, KCobraII wrote:

> The reason I asked about the SVO computer is I understand (maybe I am wrong),
> but I heard the SVO computer gave the engine 16 or 18 lbs of boost all the
> time.  I just am tired of having to wait until a high rpm to get the higher
> boost level.  Oh, yes I was talking about an 87-88 TC (87 actually <G>).  The
> SVO from 85.5 was rated at 205 hp I think, and the 87 TC at 190, anyone know
> the difference there?  How about the intake plenum between the two (which one
> is better)?

I would go with Joe on this one...why go to an SVO computer when the TC
stuff is better suited for driving? Boost is really not an issue. If you
want to increase the boost you can do it manually with a bleeder valve or
hose. I think the main difference between the SVO and late TC's are in the
turbo and exhaust (including manifold). I really wouldn't think the
heads/intake setup are much different as far as HP.