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SVO: Dirty pool


Can't you grow up for two seconds? Maybe re-read some old e-mail? Please? 
Do you even know who's who on here? I am the one (Cory) who ask you as a
potential consumer what I can _expect_ to gain in my BONE STOCK '88 TC
motor other than a 9" K&N cone and Engle "55" in front of a stock C-3
auto, and 8" open 3.25 rear? I told you right now that I am putting out
around 190 horse (at rear wheels with no correction factors). So what can
I expect? How high up will this cam make power? I would really like an
answer BEFORE you dyno. Instead you have been avoiding my question like
the plague...that is what has made me skeptical of your product.

A note about Joe's setup...Who was saying this spring that 35#ers couldn't
support 300 horse? How about the C302 springs? You said it couldn't be
done yet people were doing it. What's the difference between us now and
you then? Joe posted evidence...he didn't spout off his mouth and
insult your integrity.

You're right (partly) about the head thing...I haven't measured guide
clearance in a head...all I have to add to that part of discussion is that
I have had my head apart twice now, and measured everything needed for the
rebuild. I know that with the relatively low-lift "55" things were getting
a little tight. I can't imagine adding ~.8 inches to the lift...There were
rocker/lifter clearance problems with mine alone at .418 lift, and I have
no clue about the guide clearance. I can tell you one thing though...I
believe numbers and NOT some Jersey hick that can only avoid questions and
retaliate with totally unrelated sexual anatomy issues. If you just once
would answer objective questions with technical answers you might have my

Anyone out there up to donating money for me to drive my shitter Pinto out
to Jersey with a stock engine and auto and kick Nick's Merkur's ass?
With gears and STOCK T03 it will most likely run mid (low?) 13's. Then
we'll hit the Solo II course :)


Cory (The one with BIG balls)