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SVO: More drivel responses...

> 1) You haven't a clue how it all works...

Don't be so quick to assume that I don't know how it works.  First of all,
just because you have explained things to me, doesn't mean I didn't
understand when I innocently asked you a question.  And if you've taught me
some things, thank you.  However, I DO understand engines and valvetrains,
clearances and your specific question/concern.  I think everybody
understands your question/concern.  It isn't difficult to grasp, especially
if you're good at visually, as I am.

AND I was provided with a satisfactory explanation as to how it works, by
Nick, in under 5 minutes.

> 2) You have a personal and financial interest in seeing that his stuff
> "works".

I have neither.  If Nick, or his parts, fail, that doesn't reflect on me. 
I certainly don't get any kind of monetary gain from the sale of HIS parts.
 I send people to him, because his customers, far and wide, are more than
satisfied with his service.

I've only ever bought two things from Nick.  The XR downpipe, that you and
your disbelieving brethren, tried (unsuccessfully) to debunk. The second
purchase was the Mass Air Conversion that he developed with Pro-M, which I
don't have yet. I payed full list price for both parts. I am happy with the
pipe, and I expect to be completely satisfied with the Mass Air.  I'm
looking forward to it's adjustability.

> You call my integrity into question...and imply that I'm either a

You haven't explored this completely enough.  There is a solution, and you
haven't gotten there yet.  I don't think it's incumbent upon Nick to
explain his solution to you.  If somebody else has figured it out, then you
are only showing your ignorance, while slinging mud that doesn't stick. 
Sounds like you're being an asshole to me.  How many times do you have to
hear, "wait"?

> 2) If the cam doesn't actually make .505 lift (your proposal BTW), then
> your buddy is selling the cam in a fraudulent way (I did not say
> this...you did).

This was incorrect. My mistake.  It is a 505 lift cam.  That installs in a
stock head, without removing the head from the engine. Successfully.

Nick is a successful machinist with years of experience. And happy
customers.  You're not one of them.  Maybe that's why you're not happy :)

10s only make you fast, Joe.  They don't make you well liked,  or percieved
as decent person.  You're destroying that on your own.

I think I'd rather be slow...

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