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Re: SVO: More drivel responses...

Nic...er, Dave,

> You haven't explored this completely enough.  There is a solution, and you
> haven't gotten there yet.  I don't think it's incumbent upon Nick to
> explain his solution to you. 

Since your 5 minutes of phone experience with valvetrain design seems to
have left you still uninformed...let me try it but one more time...

-- The keeper groove doesn't move.

-- The guide doesn't move. (until something hits it)

-- The valve in the stock '85 head I measured would move .611-.615"
before the keeper/retainer was sitting on top of the guide -- solid.

Your efforts at obfuscation are also rather dated...not to use another
Nixon reference, but he also used that same tactic during the Alger Hiss
hearings...he held up an envelope that held "evidence" in an effrort to
make his point...turns out the envelope was empty.   

I could care less how he supposedly gets around these unanswered
statements.  Neither you or your daddy Nick have answered a single
point, and that speaks volumes to those of us who care to look.  My
concern is for the guy that takes him seriously and tweaks his motor
trying to "bolt" one in.  

It would be nice if everybody on the list liked me -- I'm not gonna lose
too much sleep worrying about the flat-earthers or the "rubes" that
think a 3" downpipe bolted into a stock Merkur cat/exhaust will provide
"large gains".

Joe Morgan