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SVO: Brake Pad Compounds

At 08:53 PM 12/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
> I'm curious if these are the same/similar to the Hawk brake pads.  From
>what I've seen of them they do I very good job also...  Don't remember
>any #'s off the top of my head...
>Later, Eric (CCA Sgt@Arms)

(this was off-list; but is more interesting than the debate I asked you
guys to hold-off on)

In the Ford High Performance article, Bob says they're a non-asbestos,
semi-Kevlar pad. Bob was telling me something about their original market
was muscle-car hot-rodders (small discs if they had them!) who didn't want
to upgrade (modify) their brake systems yet still have better stopping power.

Their '65 Mustang coupe (Bob's Son's car that was salvaged after being hit
by an airplane) with drums at all four corners stopped 60-0 in 128 feet!
Pretty good.

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