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Re: SVO: Dirty pool

I told everyone back then and I will say it now. You cannot safely make 300 hp
with stock injectors and stock fuel pressure. Joe never made 300 hp without,
his dyno sheet is only show's about  240 I think.
As for the valve springs, they are not the right springs to use for our motor.
You guys are so into numbers, How about the important numbers. Check out the
installed height of the springs. You are about .120 passed the installed
height that Ford tells you to use. You get away with it because you only use a
low lift camshaft. But you are running alot more pressure then Engle would
like you to use. I did droped it because after someone had the camshaft fail,
they called Engle and got the real info on the springs. Guess what, they say
the same thing that I say. 
Hick? You need to get out of school for a week and come out to the North East.
Maybe when you are out here I will show you why you can run a .505 lift
camshaft in the stock head. 
You got balls? So does this mean you agree to my offer? Thanks again