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Re: Brake Pads -- was Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

At 11:57 PM 12/21/97 -0500, FFASTSVO wrote:
>   But how long do they last?

Didn't really say exactly (like anything else, it depends)....I asked Bob
that, and he said they're supposed to last pretty well...much better than
the race pads he has on his '90 5.0 that doesn't stop as well even with big
brakes .... the article (I guess he forgot) says they outlast organic pads

I've been told the stock SVO pads are good -- but obviously this is a case
where less (stopping distance) is better. Driving and stopping styles
differ greatly, but I got nearly 100,000 miles on my stock brakes (of
course, it also cost me a rear rotor!) so I figure I won't need pads for
another (conservatively) 6 years on my '86! But if I get into some track
events, who knows.

Now how they compare to Hawk Carbotics or anything else, but based on the
article it sounds impressive....and Bob's usually hard to impress.

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