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Re: SVO: Re: re: wheel size questions

Dave Compton wrote:

> > By the way, rolling the inner fender is difficult work and took me almost
> 4
> > hours to do.  I'm pretty sure that it won't affect the value of the car,
> > because you can't see the difference unless your hear is inside the wheel
> > well looking out.  If anybody wants more details on rolling their
> fenders,
> > please e-mail me.
> The easiest way to roll your fenders is with a baseball bat between the
> tire and the inside of the fender.
> Two people experienced at this, can do it in about 30 minutes for both
> sides.

A nice job can be done in about 45 minutes by slotting the inside fender lip
with a die grinder every 2-3 inches.  This makes pounding it up with a
dead-blow hammer pretty easy.  Paint with a little krylon and it's very nice.