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Re: SVO: Re: *sigh*

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Fred Kuzyk wrote:

> > The studs are unavailable from Ford. Try a Fastener specialist. I use a
> > M12 stud, 55mm in total length, pitch is 1.75 mm. use a matching M12
> > metric nut. Unusual that the stud would fall out. I've found that you
> > have to use a stud removal tool to get these rusty buggers out!

> DOH!
> I was unclear.  I lost a nut(hih hih..I said nut)
> I was askin the stud thread size so I could get a new nut.

7/16-14 nut size and the studs ARE available form Ford. And the stud is
a 3/8 turned down to a 7/16.

You only need a big vise grip to get them out and use a stack of washers
on the stud and thread the nut on partically to the stud and spin it in
the turbo elbow.