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Re: SVO: re: wheel size questions/fender bending

In a message dated 97-12-21 15:58:04 EST, you write:

<< PS.  Sorry Charlie, I hate to make friends get RHSS (Reflexive Head Shaking
 Syndrom), but I totally like my new set-up (even though I am usually an OEM
 purist).  Unlike you though, I never liked the OEM rims.  In fact, all my
 car-buff friends have remarked on how these new rims have really enhanced
 the look of my car.  I think I can now put off that paint job for another 6
 months...  :-)
 PPS.  Yes, handling capabilities have gotten even better! >>


My purist views come from having found out the hard way that the engineers
have usually done things right, at least within the period they have been
working and with the kinds of enthusiasts cars (strictly American) that I have
driven over the years.  The SVO is one whose period value it seems to me
becomes greater every year for it's having been done so well (even if they
didn't put splash shields in the right front fender well?) and for my tastes
profiles well just as it was. 

Oh yea, wanted to ask how they retained the strength of SVT 17"ers and still
shaved off so much weight (10 lbs per).  Just wonderin' from a mechanical
designer's standpoint which is what I am.

Thanks, and ride on.

Charlie (CHASK@aol.com)