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Re: SVO: Another Whell question..

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997 14:45:53 +0000 "Chris Roth"
<croth@healthdistrict.org> writes:
>I think the 245 looks the best on a 8" wheel, but I think a 255 is 
>approved by the DOT (like that matters) for a 8" wheel. The smaller 
>the profile the shorter the tire sidewall.  IMO the optimum tire size 
>for a 17X8 is a 245/40ZR17
>I found that the TireRack.com has a great page for calculating tire 
>diameter.  It is located 

i'll check it out

>Anyway, the stock tire diameter (nominal) is 24.86". The 245/45ZR17" 
>is 25.68" and the 245/40ZR17 is 24.71". The 40 series will give you 
>the same ride height.

o.k i get this  if anything i am gonna get 245-40-17's

>I first said no, but then went home at lunch and looked it up in my 
>book.  The Probe GT wheels will work with the bolt pattern but I do 
>not know about the offset.

anyway you can find out the backspacing on the probe? and is it bad to
run front wheel drive rims on a rear wheel car?

>First of all, I do not think that rolling the lips of the fender will 
>be noticeable and would not decrease the value of the car.  Did you 
>buy your SVO as an investment?  If so, bad idea.  My opinion is that 
>value is only important if you are planning on selling the car.  If 
>you are keeping the car forever, then I would not worry about rolling 
>the lip a little.

i am not gonna roll the fenders.. if i tried i would screw them up :)

>Again the stock offset is 5.75" I am going to refer to a 17X8 wheel 
>for this example.  With a 5.75" backspacing the 8" wheel will "stick 
>out"  1" over your stock SVO wheels.  Get a tape measure and go to 
>your back fenders to measure the current clearance and then subtract 
>1".  Remember the top part of the fender is not a clearance problem, 
>the clearance problem is lower down on the back side of the fender 

>I think you could change the offset to 5 7/8" or maybe even 6" and 
>gain some outer fender clearance.  Your front wheel/strut clearance 
>limits the offset. I would not suggest getting two different size 
>offsets, because then you cannot rotate your tires.

o.k cool.. o.k so let me ask you this.. what backspacing should i get so
the tires don;t stick out of the fenders?  with a 17x8 rim? 
if i decided to go with a 16(which would be cheaper for rims and tires)
what width should i get? 7.5"  if 7.5" what size tire should i mount on
it? what will look good and fit? 245? 235? 


Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)