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Re: SVO: 4.940

In a message dated 97-12-21 14:50:12 EST, you wrote:

<<Major Snippage>>
               Seeing as I haven't contributed anything to the list to begin
with I have nothing to loose. All this "debating" sort of makes me want to
pull the 2.3t out of the LX and replace it with a gas guzzling, rip snorting,
ozone depleting, pollution producing, fossile fuel wasting 351 Windsor. I know
I'm new to the 2.3t scene but if this is how the major 2.3 turbo supporters
play together I have to ask myself... is it really worth it? C'mon. I mean, if
I have to, I'll gladly unsubscribe off the list and mooch off some other poor
saps performance list. Hell, I'm already doing it on the 5.0 string. Don't
make me go to such extremes. You'll eventually regret it one day. ;D And for
heavens sake... it's almost Christmas! Remember "good will towards men" (and

'87 LX Sporting a '88 Turbo 4 (for how long?)
'95 GTS (Back from the body shop)