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Re: SVO: Dirty pool

So now the people that make the camshaft you are running do not know what they
are talking about. I find this very interesting. So what you are telling us is
that you know more then almost anyone about the 2.3. Why you pay other people
to machine your motor? Are you not running a big valve head, that someone
machined for you? With a big valve head, you have a higher installed height. I
was talking about the stock head and stock installed height. Did you read the
specs in the Motorsport catalog, do they not want a installed height about
.120 more then want a stock 2.3 head has? I know, I know. They do not know
want they are talking about, right. Again and again you know more then anyone.
Why would you ran a spring that is not make for the stock motor when you can
real drop in springs with the correct installed height? With all you know I
think you should go to work for Ford, I will bet that we all would be owning
Chevy's in no time.
I will not tell you how we do it. If you want to know you can buy a camshaft
kit or wait until the dyno testing. If you are so sure that it cannot be done,
why not agree with mt terms. Thanks again