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Re: SVO: Dirty pool

So me when Joe made 300 hp. Thre dyno sheets do not show this. You are the
guys who need to see dyno sheets, not me. This is why we are now planning on
running back to back test's with and without our camshaft. Remember you guys
do not would to hear about flywheel coverted numbers. You want rear wheel
numbers, what did Joe make. I thing about 240 hp and no torque numbers at all,
Yes, I ran slower with 42s then with 35s also. Now with our mass-air we will
have no problems.
Did you ever think that your lifters would pump up because you had no much
lifter preload do to the pounded valve seats? Alot of people rev bone stock
cars passed 6200 with a chip, no lifter problems. Start adding big valves,
alot more lift, alot more boost and you will have more problems.
You keep asking about how much  more power you will make. This is why we are
going to the dyno. We know what it make with our set-up. Over 330 lbs ft of
torque @3200 and over 330 hp @ 5850, with pump gas and 17lbs of boost. Again
this is with our set-up, add our mass-air or a header , more fuel and you will
make alot more. Thanks again