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Re: SVO List


>I've checked and double-checked the figures -- and it still looks like
>the numbers are the same -- I'm open to hearing different numbers, but I
>haven't hear any...I've just been told that I don't know what I'm doing,
>I'm lying or that I just want to steal Nick's "secrets".

 Have you had somebody else take a look at the numbers? I'm not saying you
are right or wrong. I know when I do my designs at work sometimes I feel
that they are absolutley correct no matter how many times I go back and
look at it. Even I start from scratch again. Sometimes a "fresh" pair of
eyes is a good thing escpecially when someone doesn't know what you are
trying to accomplish. They tend to see things differently. As far as this
debate goes, I am totally clueless... I am merely stating a known fact
which I have done myself several times over the years. 


 See! I'm responding! 

 A lurker making a comment.....

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