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Re: SVO List

Joe and Nick,

>What I don't appreciate is being patronized and told to just sit down
>and be patient until "Big Daddy Dave" or "The Guru" see fit to explain
>this apparent conflict to us all.  Personally, I think that Nick got
>caught by surprise on this one...and further, that he could convince
>Dave of just about anything he wanted to.

>haven't hear any...I've just been told that I don't know what I'm doing,
>I'm lying or that I just want to steal Nick's "secrets".

 I tend to agree with Joe on this point. Is it that big of a secret that
somebody will take business away from Nick? I think that would increase his
business if Nick would come out and say how it really works. He stands to
lose more than anything by saying "wait and see". Yes, I like to see hard
data and isn't that what tech support/sales is for? 

Mark S. Fullerton Email:msfullerton@cyberia.com
Electronics Engineering Technician