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RE: SVO List

I hope this doesn't stop people from debating issues, otherwise all we
have is a list where all claims are true  NO  QUESTIONING
ALLOWED(remember the Bud incident, anyone?) . Sure this got out of hand,
but I don't think these three were  the only ones to blame. I to hope
that the loss to the list is not to great. This is a great place to ask
questions and get many different opinions, from people who actually own
these cars,  motors and have tried different things, some even have hard
 to find parts for sale, Some for more $ than others, (remember the TIM
incident, anyone?). My point here is that people will always have
differences of opinion and that's healthy in this environment. Remember
the rule:  only read what subjects interest you,( re: the TIM incident),
and delete or skip the others. I don't think turning off the path of
information is the answer it has not been in the past. Didn't they all
just seem to stop on their own.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace on Earth.... and
on this list.

Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver

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