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Re: SVO: Dirty pool

> > Did you ever think that your lifters would pump up because you had no much
> > lifter preload do to the pounded valve seats? Alot of people rev bone stock
> > cars passed 6200 with a chip, no lifter problems.

6200 with a stock ("lame") tach...

Besides, it works opposite of that.  One of the old tricks that the
roundy-rounders use is to shim the lifters until the lifters are
basically solid.  Haven't you ever heard of that?

> > You keep asking about how much  more power you will make. This is why we are
> > going to the dyno. We know what it make with our set-up. Over 330 lbs ft of
> > torque @3200 and over 330 hp @ 5850, with pump gas and 17lbs of boost. Again
> > this is with our set-up, add our mass-air or a header , more fuel and you will
> > make alot more. Thanks again

How come the car that does this goes 14's at about 100? (and smokes)

Smells a little fishy to me...

Thanks again...Joe