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Re: SVO List

> I hope this doesn't stop people from debating issues, otherwise all we
> have is a list where all claims are true  NO  QUESTIONING
> ALLOWED(remember the Bud incident, anyone?) . Sure this got out of hand,

This is not censorship, Dennis.

It's cenSURship.  Like punishment.

> Didn't they all just seem to stop on their own.

Not this time they didn't. REMEMBER?
And this wasn't their first time. REMEMBER?

Questions are allowed.  To steal from Joe, "Asking a question until you
hear the answer that you wanted to, instead of the truth, is not".

Enjoy!  Let's hear from the lurkers.  :)

I can print the stats and see if you lurkers have ever posted, or not, and
then ask you direct questions if I must! There's over 140 of you hear. 
Let's hear from YOU!

Jump on in, the water's fine!