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Re: SVO List

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> I hope this doesn't stop people from debating issues, 

Debating in one thing...but flat out calling someone a liar is another.
It's one thing to question someone's opinion, but to out right say time
and time again 'you're wrong...you're wrong, I can't do it, so now I
know you're wrong' is different...not everyone is able to climb to the
top of Mt Everest, but some do.

The whole 'Bud' thing ( I remember it well ) was me questioning why
people chose to drag race an SVO. Some people had (my opinion) some
justifiable/interesting reasons...alot didn't...again 'my opinion'.
Funny thing is Joe had a very interesting point. To make an SVO
competitive in drag racing, then it would cease to be an SVO. If you
noticed, I didn't continue to subject day after day..for over a week
constantly 'bashing' someone. One thing for sure was, people were
getting enjoyment from drag racing their SVOs. The misunderstanding came
from not knowing someones 'tone' in typing..if we had all been sitting
around 'talking' instead of typing, it probably wouldn't have been THAT
big of a deal. But, when you make a bold statement like what's been
going on here lately...then it turns into childish and unwanted

I hate to admit it, but I use the 'delete' button alot sometimes. Cam
profiles, mass air units, stud lengths, and turbo upgrades don't appeal
to me very often. Owning 'show car' SVOs, keeps me leaning towards the
NOS, OEM, hard to find parts...with the occasional road course/autocross

Just let me add to the 'be nice' part. If you don't agree with someones
opinion or suggestion, just say it..."I have a different point of view"
or such. Repeating yourself or being a smartass makes you sound less
intelligent...then it turns into harrassment.

By the way...pulled the motor from the 85 Thursday last week, sent it
off to the paint shop and been detailing engine parts ever since.

Happy Holidays

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E