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Re: SVO: Dirty pool

Note to Nick:  The numbers I posted were from a stock '85 TC head that
we were using for line-ups, not the head in the Pinto.  That one was
done by Esslinger, and I run their springs, retainers, keepers and stock

Funny, even with .050" longer valves, it hits at .520" lift...hmmmmm....

The C302's are good in a stock, uncut head with stock retainers and a
mild lift cam like the Engle.  And you do need to check the pressure,
installed height and clearances, just like when you install any
valvetrain parts...even "bolt-in" cams.

..and yes...I do know more about 2.3 cams than most "experts".  They do
lots and lots of different motors -- I do one.

> I will not tell you how we do it.

That's because you can't install it in a stock head without mashing at
least the seals by .040".  I guess we win, eh?  

> If you want to know you can buy a camshaft kit or wait until the dyno testing. 

Just why would I want to buy a cam that isn't run in a single fast
2.3?   I guess for you 14's is fast...but for me it isn't.  It's nice
not having to wear a helmet, firejacket and harnesses, but I'd rather
stick with the Engle. 

> If you are so sure that it cannot be done, why not agree with mt terms. Thanks again

That would be just spiffy, wouldn't it?  You come up with some more
bugus numbers and we're not there to point it out....hmmmm...good deal,
eh?  Besides, "Becca" will probably boot us off (again) long before
that, so you'll be able to say whatever you like unchallenged.

("Bogus" is where a 3000 pound car makes 300+ "Horsepower"  and runs
14's at ~100 MPH, or when a cam gets installed that smashes the seals,
gets run then goes home smoking.)

Thanks again...Joe