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Re: SVO List


I see the debates as a little different in one fundamental way...

One ("drag racing an SVO") was purely a semantic or normative type of
debate...one where there really isn't a "right" or "wrong" answer -- it
depends on your perspective.

The other ("the great valve guide debate") is much more concrete -- how
long is the stem of a stock, un-modified, 2300 valve?  How tall is the

Nick says that it's longer than I say it is.  I think that there is only
one answer to this question.

If I'm right -- then he's selling a "bolt-in" cam kit that can (and from
what I've heard, has) damage(d) a stock engine, because the retainer
will contact the seal or guide.

If I'm wrong -- no biggie...I've been wrong at least a few times
before...and I'll be wrong at least a few more times in the future.

What I don't appreciate is being patronized and told to just sit down
and be patient until "Big Daddy Dave" or "The Guru" see fit to explain
this apparent conflict to us all.  Personally, I think that Nick got
caught by surprise on this one...and further, that he could convince
Dave of just about anything he wanted to.

I've checked and double-checked the figures -- and it still looks like
the numbers are the same -- I'm open to hearing different numbers, but I
haven't hear any...I've just been told that I don't know what I'm doing,
I'm lying or that I just want to steal Nick's "secrets".

None of these are the least bit true.

Joe Morgan