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Re: SVO List

Joe Morgan wrote:

> The other ("the great valve guide debate") is much more concrete --
> Nick says that it's longer than I say it is.  I think that there is only
> one answer to this question.

OK..first off, I'm not a 2.3 liter "expert", but someone asked me once
what size valves/cam I had in my 5.0. When I replied 2.02/1.60 with a
288dur/.565 lift on 'stock' pistons. They said either I was lying or
didn't know squat about a 5.0. What they didn't realize is the new
Twisted Wedge head design allows this. I know this is comparing apples
to oranges, but do you see the similarity? He might know something you
don't...Nick not explaining himself just adds fuel to the fire of your
disbelief. Still remains...you're being kinda childish about it. If you
remember Nixon, then you should be in your 40s.
> What I don't appreciate is being patronized and told to just sit down
> and be patient until "Big Daddy Dave" or "The Guru" see fit to explain
> this apparent conflict to us all.  

Ever thought about taking the 'discussion' off list? I'm sure you have
knowledge and experiences we all could benefit from, but your approach
to this subject is a little ..let's say 'rude'. If Nick is wrong...then
he's wrong. He won't sell the product and people will say "hey, Joe was
right"...but for now, let it slide. Wait for the dyno, talk to someone
that ones the cam kit, or get together with some of your drag racing
friends and buy the kit to disprove it if you're so determined to prove
Nick wrong. Alot of people pay attention when you speak, don't run them
off by being a smartass about it.

Happy Holidays Joe...good will towards men and such,

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E