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SVO: The Problem

Dear Joe M., Cory E., and Scott S., et. al.,

I think I know what the problem is -- besides you guys not listening to my
motion (and the many seconds I received) to table the discussion on
this..you guys want an answer...actually lots of answers. 

You guys know or feel in your minds -- based on what you've learned -- that
the cam shouldn't work and you want to know why. And that's good and fine.
But there's a point when you have to stop being annoying to the majority of
the group. 

The real story -- as I see it -- is that Nick has proprietary information
to make it work. 

As a consumer, if you were to buy his kit, you obviously would support his
development research on the product, then he reaps the benefits (return on
investment) and so do you (good package). No problem there as I see it --
that's the way things work in this free-market capitalistic society. The
2.3 Turbo market isn't that big to be telling everyone how to do certain
things -- letting secrets be known public. If he tells you, maybe he feels
he has less of an advantage in the marketplace. Again, no problem there as
I see it.

I understand your desire to have all the answers -- and I know a lot of us
on the list (usually off-list, however) have benefited from many of the
things that each of you has tried -- your failures AND successes.

Just try to mellow out -- if Nick's got the formula wrong, you can bet now
that he will fix it. I know a lot of his happy customers of his other
products. If it doesn't work -- people will start complaining. And I'm sure
there are a couple of guys that had engines fail (as Joe suggested) due to
a combination of things. But as far as I know for now I'm giving Nick the
benefit of the doubt on this cam deal. I hope you guys can too.

Best Regards,

Jim Dvorak (aka jim@mustangsvo.org)
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

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