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Re: SVO List

rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:

What they didn't realize is the new
> Twisted Wedge head design allows this. I know this is comparing apples
> to oranges, but do you see the similarity?

No...not really...that's why I said what head I was using...Maybe I'm
just into the "academic thing" where you agree on the question, agree on
the terms of measurement -- then have at it.

What would happen if the guy who sold you tires can't explain how he
gets a 13" tire on your 15" rim...and cites "proprietary information"?

 He might know something you
> don't...Nick not explaining himself just adds fuel to the fire of your
> disbelief.

Shouldn't it?  He set the terms of the debate when he said the head
didn't have to be removed.  Unless he figured out a way to move the
grooves on the valve, it's not really very negotiable.  

I never said that the cam wouldn't *work*...just that you had to do
machining to make it work properly.

 Still remains...you're being kinda childish about it. If you
> remember Nixon, then you should be in your 40s.
Nope...just an avid watcher of history.  It's the school
thing...besides, I don't think the debate is "childish" at all...running
from a question is.  If I see stuff I don't want to read, I just hit the
'Delete" button.

> Ever thought about taking the 'discussion' off list? 

It started on the list...and that's what I understood the list was
intended for -- discussion.  Some people just get more defensive than
others when questioned on the veracity of their claims.

I'm sure you have
> knowledge and experiences we all could benefit from, but your approach
> to this subject is a little ..let's say 'rude'.

Sorry if it appears that way to you, but I prefer to think of it as

 If Nick is wrong...then
> he's wrong. He won't sell the product and people will say "hey, Joe was
> right"...but for now, let it slide.

That's not true...he'll keep selling it -- mostly to people who have the
machinging done anyways...nothing wrong with that.  He does need to fess
up about the clearance problem on the stock heads. 

Nick gets basically a free ride on the XR list from what I
understand...I think he's working on it here, too.  I just don't think
it's healthy that the only people who have the technical knowledge and
the resources to check his claims are the first to be thrown overboard.  

 Wait for the dyno, talk to someone
> that ones the cam kit, or get together with some of your drag racing
> friends and buy the kit to disprove it if you're so determined to prove
> Nick wrong.

For one...it doesn't just apply to his kit...it applies just as well to
any time you try to get too much lift out of the stock
components...you're gonna start hitting stuff.

Besides...where do you think I started hearing about it in the first
place?  People were calling and writing me asking about hammered guides
in cars that had Nick's cams and/or his heads.  I really didn't get too
deep into it, other than telling them what I had done with mine.

I didn't really have any idea what was going on until he made the post
about the cam "bolting in" a stock, unmodified head.  That's easy stuff
for me to check -- and I told him (and everyone else) that I was going
to check it -- because it sounded fishy. 

For second...I don't need to have *his* cam to move a valve downward
.500"...my thumb does the job nicely, thank you. :)

 Alot of people pay attention when you speak, don't run them
> off by being a smartass about it.

I learned long ago that you can't please everybody...I've never once
taken the time to write to a list to complain about a thread.  It takes
more time than just deleting it in the first place. 

> Happy Holidays Joe...good will towards men and such,

I don't bear a bit of hostility towards either Nick or Dave...until the
other day, I considered Dave to be a good friend of mine...maybe we
still are, but maybe we aren't.  Like I said when this started, I've
always heard that Nick is really nice in person also...so are lots of
other people that I know on here.  That's why I stick around.  Not
necessarily to make new friends or pick up on speed tips, but to help my
friends weed through conflicting and sometimes impossible claims.

Thanks Bud.

Talk to you soon,
Joe Morgan