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Re: SVO: Re:

SVO85HALF wrote:

> Some things are common among us,  love of cars, LOVE OF FAST CARS, SVO
> interest and the fact that the investments that made our parents lots of money
> (read houses) are not our chance for a "score".

There are locations right now in this country where housing prices are
rising rapidly and you could "score" just like your parents (huh huh) ;-).

> That MAC SVO might be our first, collectively.

Cars are almost always a poor investment.

> Divide the purchase price by participants.  (Bet we could get it for $25K)
> Buy the car with the intentions of showing/running at Large regional events.
> (2 per year?)

> Set-up time line for sale at a spec. price 5yrs?10yrs?? (50K? 75K??)

Keep in mind that in the stock market over the past few years, in a
good mutual fund you could double you money in well under 5 years.

> Redistribute funds as per share of investment.
> ie.    25,000 (funds needed)/90 people= $277.78 investment.
> Sold 75000/90= $833.33 return.

Minus the cost of insuring it at a rate of 30-50k to protect the
investment, and maintenance and storage and transportation costs...
which would probably eat most if not all the profit.

There's almost no way you could beat the stock market, which is why
you should only buy the car if you love it for what it is and don't
care if it's ever worth anything.