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Re: SVO: Exhaust Manifold porting

Ric Gillis wrote:
> I hear a lot of talk about porting the exhaust.  Is this done on both the
> head side of the manifold and the turbo side or just the turbo side?
> Am I opening a can of worms, by loosening all those untouched 10year + old
> bolts?
> Ric-


With a stock turbo and a late manifold, just do the head side -- the
turbo side is fine.  They can be mis-matched to the head...and the bolt
reliefs stick into the port.   You can do a nice job on a new manifold
in about 20-30 minutes 

If you don't have a later manifold (E6SE casting)...you should get one,
because yours is probably already cracked...if not it will be. :)

Besides, the later one works better and before they're heated up,
they're easier to grind on.  They list for ~130 brand new from Ford...if
you need to get a decent deal on one, let me know and I can hook you up
with one.

Oh yeah...use new studs and nuts (at least new nuts) whe you remove the
turbo, or you'll be forever tightening them and chasing leaks.

Talk to you later,